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    I'm Still Waiting in Line for Punch

    Apr 01 2014 06:34 AM | Baba

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    14/14H - Garrosh Hellscream

    Jan 04 2014 08:56 PM | Bearaclese

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    13/14H - Paragons of the Klaxxi

    Oct 21 2013 11:44 PM | Chased

    This was a US 9 / World 33.

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    12/14H - Siegecrafter Blackfuse

    Oct 09 2013 11:08 PM | Xiloscient

    This was a US 9 / World 35 and the most challenging fight of the tier so far.

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    11/14H - Thok

    Oct 01 2013 02:24 AM | Mathlete

    This was a US 10 / World 38.  It took us less than 20 pulls.  This is a real-time screenshot of the last seconds of our kill.

    Also, before we killed this fight, we also killed 9 other fights, but the difficulty level of 8 of those seemed to have accidentally been tuned to normal instead of heroic, so we didn't post them.

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    13/13H - Ra-den

    May 22 2013 01:47 AM | Traherne

    Another tier ends.  Great expository works and pretty graphs are coming soon.

    This was a US #9 / World #26.  And I may have screwed us out of two ranks, but at least I know to use apostrophes in contractions.  This is a talent that some of our raiders apparently skipped out on learning when Mists hit if the image at the bottom of this post is any indication.  I included it anyway, though, because I'm a good person.

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    12/13H - Lei Shen

    May 13 2013 11:43 PM | Varnius

    Technically speaking, the hardest fight since Heroic Ragnaros.  Killed fewer guilds, though.  We used 8 warlocks.

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    11/13H - Eredar Twins

    Apr 19 2013 12:54 AM | Flidro

    We killed this fight in less than 20 pulls, and we have an amazing video of our kill at the bottom of this post.  I won't mention the kill rank on this one because we usually don't have to update wowprogress whenever we finish a 5-man dungeon.

    We'e all very much looking forward to Lei Shen progression, which we started tonight, and it's looking like a great fight so far.  While it probably won't be Heroic Ragnaros again, it will hopefully live up to its hype.

    Just pretend the boss is dead somewhere in here.

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    Kill video, incredible quality, reverse strategy for better loot:


    10/13H - Dark Animus

    Apr 16 2013 01:04 AM | Varnius

    This was one of the more challenging fights of the tier, taking us just about two and a half nights of raiding to actually get down.  The fight concept revolves around having 12 warlocks in the raid who each pick up two of the small anima golems (one on them, one on their pet) and slowly kite them around the perimeter of the room in a hexagonal pattern while chain-taunting them across the middle of the room with their pets when they link.

    We used this strategy with great success, and that was at least reasonably close to what we actually did.  Kind of.

    This was a US 7 / World 25, and now I can't hit a pet follow macro without a strange sense of panic.

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    9/13H - Iron Qon

    Apr 09 2013 12:30 AM | Varnius

    This was a US 10 / World 36.  We say "world" even though it really just includes EU and NA now, but I think all of the Koreans stopped playing out of fear of an invasion.  And they don't count.  Or, they do count, as in, they're good at counting, but they don't "count" count.


    This fight only took us about a night and a half to get down, and the basic strategy largely relies on how many CDs the raid has to throw at the dogs while your melee stand in fire for 70% of the fight.  Like a lot of the content this tier, a raid could basically half-ass most of the fight and as long as they had a reasonable set of CDs lined up for the final phase, they'd probably kill it anyway.  It was definitely one of the easiest fights in the tier overall.  The most challenging part was probably just figuring out how to properly manage tornados with warlock portals, which is a little trickier than it looks.

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